Topographical Survey Services

Topographical Survey Service in Leicester

Our 3D Laser Scanning company provides topographical surveying services to scan large areas of land and complete complex project which are required. We deliver a full topographical survey service in your desired format with information such as buildings, local features, poles and pavements.

Topographical Uses

Gather insight into how your complete site and area looks when you are planning to extend building works, plan urban areas or increase land development. This service is ideal for larger and restricted areas as we capture extensive data and information from larger areas of land.

What is Included

Request as-built 2D Plans with humanmade fixtures and all-natural features such as vegetation, plants, natural land masses and much more. We give you the opportunity to access the complete site through our 3D Laser scanning services and equipment including Total Station, GPS and 3D Laser scanners.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

johnny Johnny
johnny Johnny
Our Interior Design Studio have used Leicester measured survey twice, and they do not disappoint! Not only the team was very professional and friendly on site, we were also extremely pleased by the 3D model and the speed of delivery. On both occasions, we were very impressed and will continue working with them in the future!

Fantastic Precision

You will not be short of precision and accuracy using our topographical surveying service, as we capture all information using high-quality technology.

Complete Data

We capture all-natural and manmade features with levels and boundaries and document your area of interest precisely.

Remove Risk

Topographical surveys are the most reliable when done by our Leicester professionals. Remove the risk and avoid costly mistakes.

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