What You Need to know About a Measured Building Survey

What You Need to know About a Measured Building Survey

You’ve heard about Leicester measured survey, for sure. But like a lot of building owners, you’re probably wondering exactly what that means and why it’s essential for your construction project.

Here, we’ll talk about some of the most important things you need to know about measured building survey:

What is a measured building survey?

A measured survey is essentially the process of taking accurate measurements of a building using different tools and equipment such as a 3D laser scanner in order to produce a detailed drawing of the structure.

In the earlier days of engineering, professionals used traditional methods that took a lot of people and time to finish. But today, you only need to hire a 3D laser scanning Leicester company to get the job done fast, safely and accurately.

A 3D laser scan will produce detailed information about a building’s measurement, which will then be rendered into as built 2D AutoCAD drawings. These plans can be produced into different drawings and formats such as floor plans, sections and elevations.


What is a measured survey used for?

Leicester 3D laser scanning services are usually commissioned for new builds, renovations, extensions and refurbishment projects. The resulting data will help create as built 2D plans and 3D BIM models that will form the foundation of a building’s design plan.

These drawings will also help contractors in estimating the right number of materials to be used for a project to avoid overspending and the proper fitting and sizing of rooms. It also prevents any issues with local planning authorities, amd prevents any unfortunate mistakes down the timeline and construction process.

What should be considered when taking a measured building survey?

Even if you’re hiring a Leicester measured survey firm, it’s very important to learn about some of the things that are considered during a 3D laser scan:

  • Structural integrity. This is the most basic measurement in 3D laser scanning Leicester practicesand it involves the overall structure of a building including its roof, ceiling, floors, walls, beams, windows, doors, stairs and columns. This comes with the basic measured building survey service, but you can ask for more details if you need to.
  • Fit-outs. This is useful for renovations and refurbishments because the 3D laser scanning will produce a 3D point cloud that notes the changes in floor levels and any existing partitions. This will allow for easy planning of any structural changes that the architect or engineer would like to make during a refurbishment project.
  • Height is another basic measurement taken as part of a 3D laser scanning service. Beam, ceiling and even flooring heights are crucial to both new builds and refurbishments because they will help architects and engineers make the right adjustments or changes before construction begins to avoid errors.
  • Obscured details. Traditional survey methods have the disadvantage of only measuring the visible features of a building. A Leicester measured survey, on the other hand, can take measurements of even the most obscured details or those that are covered by furniture, fittings and fixtures.
  • There are instances when a measured building survey is done twice to produce different outputs through an as built 3D BIM model. This is usually requested by architects or designers who are commissioned for renovations or expansions because they usually need additional data that’s produced through a point cloud survey.

What are the benefits of a measured survey?

No matter what the size of the building project, a Leicester measured survey is beneficial for:

  • Proper costing. Even if you have a huge budget to work with, you can still get broke pretty quickly if you overrun costs. With the data generated from a Leicester measured survey, proper costing can be done and costly errors like bigger furniture and misaligned floors can be avoided.
  • Efficient planning and permissions. Accurate data is essential for creating as built 2D plans that will determine the steps for completing a project. These drawings are also important for planning permissions and complying with local building standards to ensure that the building is not only functional but also safe for occupancy.

So if you’re looking for a reliable partner in measured survey in Leicester, get in touch with our team today to learn more about our solutions.