Here Are 5 Key Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

Here Are 5 Key Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

Unsure if 3D laser scanning is right for you and your project?

If you’re considering hiring a 3D laser scanning company in Leicester but are unsure if doing so is right for your business, we’re here to help. 3D laser scanners are revolutionising the way architects, designers and builders manage and plan their spaces. Once you start, you can never go back!

But how exactly does 3D laser scanning work, and why might it be a great help to your projects?

What is 3D laser scanning, and how does it work?

3D laser scanning allow us to map millions of points across large, complex spaces, and create photorealistic images that you can use remotely. Effectively, it is much like scanning a photo or copying a document – only, it is a 3D space!

3D laser scanning, in just a few hours, can accurately map out dimensions and recreate complex spaces in images and models for use in planning and design. A detailed, complex survey allows users to confidently and carefully make project adjustments, and help satisfy their clients along the way.

Rather than measure by hand – it is a fantastic, efficient and cost-effective resource. If you’re not quite sold on 3D laser scanning technology just yet, however – here are some further benefits!

The benefits of 3D laser scanning

It’s amazingly accurate

Measured building surveying through 3D laser scanning is exceptionally accurate within a hair’s breadth. When planning to build in or fit-out a large space, taking accurate measurements is absolutely vital. However, there is often a risk of human error causing all kinds of problems on route.

With a comprehensive survey through 3D laser scanning, you can be sure that every millimetre of your space is accounted for and delivered in formats you can easily work with. There’s no fear of having to go back and make changes or remedy mistakes every five minutes! The market is so advanced, more forms of scanning are being introduced with the latest one named Trimble, a robotic dog capturing data on construction sites!

It saves you money

Think about all the money you’d normally waste on fixing mistakes, paying for travel to and from a physical space or site – and employing extra specialists to fix issues or redo big parts of a project. It all adds up! With 3D point cloud scanning and support, you’re at liberty to go straight from dimension capture to design and fit.

From afar, you’ll be able to carefully plan what you’d like to do with your space before building or fitting anything into your site. That’s money saved on error remedies, human support, and endless travel.

It can help to create all formats of drawings and models

The best 3D laser scanning technology will deliver scan-to-point cloud data that converts into many different image and model resources. Whether you desire to work with as-built 2D drawings, or fly through 3D BIM models and visualisations, there is a wealth of flexibility available to you.

3D models in hyper-accurate detail will allow you to carefully plan and adjust as you go. As-built 2D plans based on accurate point registration will allow you to see the whole of your floor plan with incredible insight. It’s almost like being there – and you can use 3D point cloud and 2D data across a variety of software and tools, too.

It helps you deliver, quicker

As an architect, designer or building expert, there’s a good chance you have a client at the other end of your project who is waiting for results to be delivered. With the best in 3D laser scanners, practices and comprehensive survey data, you can be sure that you pass each deadline and checkpoint with impeccable quality and ease.

This ultimately means you get to uphold your reputation with amazing 3D BIM models delivered ahead of time – and your client is massively pleased, to boot!

It’s extra confidence for your project

Ultimately, the best 3D laser scanning company will give you boundless confidence in everything you intend to do. Rather than wondering endlessly about whether or not your own measurements are indeed accurate, you can rely on precise and efficient data delivered by the height in professional scanning technology.

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