Why do you need a Topographical Survey?

Overview of a Topographical Survey

A Topographical survey determines the positions of the natural and artificial features of a site for the purpose of delineating them using conventional signs upon a topographic map. This survey is usually the first step in the development process of a project site. Therefore, it is imperative that the survey accurately captures the land to enable the project developers and contractors to have a clear view of the project site.

Topographical surveys are crucial in planning purposes, such as in new buildings, drainage works as well as in re-positioning of boundaries. Thorough topographical surveys enhance one’s understanding of the topography of the land as well as the site’s condition to proceed with design and construction activities. Leicester Measured Survey specialist team will conduct your topographical survey using the latest laser scanning technology and survey equipment, such as 3D laser scanners, total stations, and GPS, in line with your required level of detail.

Why do you need a Topographical Survey?

You need a topographical survey with detailed and reliable data to have an accurate picture of your plot of land. This will help reduce the risk of costly downstream mistakes attributed to errors that could be made without the accurate picture of the construction site.

The survey provides final as-built 2D drawings to help you verify that the construction was done in substantial conformance with proposed laws.

You need a topographical survey to inform your design process to avoid any impacts of the land on your construction project. Proper understanding of the topography of your land helps determine its potential effect on your planned construction project.

Performing a topographical survey reduces any potential costs that could be incurred if objects that can delay a construction work are identified later on the site of an ongoing project.

How is it Conducted?

Our experienced survey specialists will arrive on your project site and conduct the topographical survey according to your required specification. We will determine which geographical area to be included, the required level of detail as well as the accuracy and preferred deliverable. We use the following three methods to complete the survey and gather the data to process and undertake quality control:

  • Aerial: Lidar and UAV photogrammetry technology are both used to identify the contours of the area.
  • Total stations: Our field crew will directly map each feature in a construction site. This is the most effective method when the area requires more detailed information due to unique geological features or varying elevations.
  • GPS: State-of-the-art GPS mapping technologies are an alternative survey method for not-large-enough areas to merit aerial approach.

The point cloud is registered and ready for use with the CAD or BIM software to deliver accurate and reliable as-built 2D drawings or 3D Models. Receive a report with highly accurate data to proceed with your construction project.

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We are a trusted measured surveying company with expertise and skills that can provide full scanning services for larger areas and comprehensive sites. We use the latest laser scanning technology to deliver quality surveys across Leicester, according to the level of detail required by a client. Receive accurate and reliable data from our specialist team at the early stages of your construction project to save on both time and cost.

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