What is an Underground Utility Survey?

What is an Underground Utility Survey?

Underground surveying is a type of surveying used to measure and map all features that occur below the surface of the earth.

Mapping using data collected from an underground utility survey reduces project planning time, as well as minimises the risk of costly adjustments to the design or mistakes further down the line.

Contractors using thorough, detailed, and accurate utility survey maps are able to work confidently prior to and during excavation, as well as provide the right protection for their workers as per health and safety regulations.

This type of surveying helps to map the location and depth of objects such as cables, pipes and tunnels. It can also be used to locate subsidence, or the movement of the earth’s surface.

How is Underground Survey Done?

Underground surveys are conducted from ground level with non-intrusive techniques. Advances in specialist mapping technology transmit an electro-magnetic or radio wave pulse into the ground and the data captured is analysed by a software to determine the position of utilities, such as plastic pipes, structures, voids and any anomalies. Technology used includes the Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Equipment.

The Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electro-Magnetic Locators (EML) are the main technologies used to obtain and analyse the necessary underground data for planning and executing your project. Notably, underground services also go hand-in-hand with drain surveys and CCTV surveys with robotic cameras, concrete and rebar scanning, and full digital imagery. Our specialist surveyors conduct their underground examination in real-time with camera images and provide full digital imagery using on-site specialist software. From our extensive underground surveys, you will be provided with a complete and detailed technical report, 2D CAD drawings and 3D models ready to proceed with your construction project.

Why would you need it??

You need accurate underground surveys to provide a clear picture of what exactly is under your proposed development site. This can be achieved through our experienced surveyors who employ high-standard underground equipment, that results in a confidential report with details of every utility location. Through underground surveying services, you will receive valuable data on the condition of all utility services that you plan to use. In addition, any utilities that you plan to use should be surveyed to ensure the pipework is in good working order. Again, survey services using CCTV cameras can be accomplished at minimal cost.

Why Choose Leicester Measured Surveys for your Underground Utility Surveys?

Rely on Leicester Measured Survey with the expertise, experience and the latest laser scanning technology (necessary to overcome any limitations you may experience) for all your underground surveying needs. Our professional surveyors will provide you with highly detailed and accurate underground survey results. Through underground utility mapping, we generate and deliver a comprehensive plan of the underground environment in various formats, such as 2D drawings and 3D models.

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