What are the deliverables of a measured building survey?

What are the deliverables of a measured building survey?

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey shows a comprehensive and accurate picture of all the internal and external aspects of a building or site.

Leicester Measured Survey services will help you understand your site project/building by clearly illustrating all its structural elements and architectural features. Our measured building surveys will also provide you with a precise digital representation with unmatchable complexity of information of all features of the surveyed building. How are our measured building survey services different to other measured survey companies? Leicester’s measured surveys employ the latest laser scanning technology, providing high precision of up to 1 million points per second. Let your design process be informed by our accurate and reliable measured survey deliverables to improve efficiency and reduce delays down the project line.

What will you receive from a Measured Building Survey?

At Leicester Measured Survey, we are dedicated to deliver the high-accuracy results through our 3D laser scanning services. What can you expect from our professionals?

3D Point Cloud

Our 3D laser scanning technology can produce efficient point cloud data of all elements and measurements of a building. This information is needful for industries and professionals in their development, planning, archiving and quality inspection works, eliminating risks of errors. Obtain our point cloud data in either greyscale or in colour when using the integrated camera, as follows:
  • FLS – the format for storing point cloud data exported from Faro Scene.
  • E57 – this a compact and vendor-neutral format for storing point cloud.
  • RCP – this format stores point cloud for use in AutoCAD/Revit to produce 2D drawings or 3D models.
  • PTS/PTX – this is the point cloud data mainly exported from Leica Cyclone upon completing registration process. The data can also be exported from Faro Scene.

As-built 2D Drawings

If you are a contractor, developer, engineer, architect, project manager, or a real estate and construction professional, rely on our accurate and reliable as-built plans to proceed with your project development. We can produce as-built 2D drawings in a variety of formats, such as floor plans, cross-sections, elevations, roof plans and more as requested by a client and the projects specification. Utilising the latest measured surveying techniques, such as 3D laser scanners, drone equipment, topographical equipment, cameras, we will collect clear point cloud data for the production of as-built 2D drawings using an AutoCAD software.

3D BIM Models

We provide a scan to BIM surveying services, mapping an existing building to produce a 3D digital model. The digital model is crucial in planning, designing, monitoring and project management. Leicester’s BIM survey uses advanced laser scanning technology that captures accurate information to produce detailed and precise 3D BIM models. Our expert technicians use Revit software to deliver detailed 3D modelling to all professionals. And the best application? The BIM models can provide an efficient virtual reality experience, enhancing professional collaboration and optimisation of building projects.

Why Choose Leicester Measured Surveys?

Leicester Measured Survey guarantees reliable deliverables, provided in your desired format as either point cloud, as-built 2D drawings or 3D BIM models using the latest laser scanning technology. With our expertise and experience in measured building surveys, you do not have to worry about the nature and complexity of your building or site from which you need accurate results. For your luxurious interiors or heritage structures, we use non-invasive tools to carefully deliver precise results without causing damage to the structures. Book our measured surveys today if you need efficient and accurate deliverables for your project!

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