3D BIM Models

3D BIM Models Service in Leicester

Using the latest technology and 3D Laser Scanning software, Leicester Measured Survey can provide a reputable 3D BIM Modelling service for every building and site project required. Track the progress of your project efficiently through our services and gain access to reliable data.

The Advantages

Our complete 3D Laser scanning services means you can take advantage of high-quality tools to create deliverables which will assist you now and in the future when completing a successful project. Accurate 3D BIM Models are provided to ease your process and follow accurate data.

Our Process

Receive flawless digital representations of the physical building and site you are working on through scan-to-BIM. 3D Point Cloud is imported into Autodesk Revit software to construct 3D BIM Models in the required level of detail suggested. Find 360-virtual view of your model with just a click of the button.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

johnny Johnny
johnny Johnny
Our Interior Design Studio have used Leicester measured survey twice, and they do not disappoint! Not only the team was very professional and friendly on site, we were also extremely pleased by the 3D model and the speed of delivery. On both occasions, we were very impressed and will continue working with them in the future!

Minimal Errors

Reduce the risk of finding hard-to-note errors and problems with our 3D BIM Model service. We detect any errors during the production of your models.

Save Costs

Photorealistic renderings and animations doesn’t have to be expensive with Leicester Measured Survey!

Better Performance

Allow a platform and service to increase the performance and optimise your building project for successful completion.

Ready 3D BIM Models

Connect with our team today and complete your online booking form to initiate the production of your 3D BIM Revit Models.