CCTV Drain Surveys & CCTV Inspections

A CCTV drainage survey is the inspection of drains and sewers using a remote-controlled camera to identify the root cause of a drainage problem. The drainage survey uses a high-definition camera to determine blockages, leaks, scale build-ups, or any other problems, instead of digging intrusive and time-consuming trenches. The captured images assist our surveyors to fully understand the drainage issue and present the information in a report format; alongside recommendations for a corrective measure.

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    Importance of our CCTV Drain Survey to your drainage system

    Performing a CCTV drain survey for your drainage system is beneficial in various ways, for instance:

    • Using a CCTV drainage survey allows remote and safe gathering of data. The surveyors will not have to enter into confined spaces which are potentially risky.
    • A CCTV drainage survey helps investigate blockages, drain, poor flow and pollution problems.
    • Our efficient drainage surveys will help you manage costs and avoid highly-damaging and drain pipe failures
    • CCTV drain surveys enable the drawing architects and designers of construction projects to accurately create project plans.
    • A report from a drain CCTV survey can support planned works, such as conducting pipe repairs or replacements.

    What our CCTV Drain survey entails

    Our services and deliverables from a CCTV drain surveys include:

    • Mapping of the entire drainage system
    • Visual fault mapping
    • Homebuyer’s surveys
    • Drainage reports
    • DVD camera footage
    • CAD drawings referenced to PAS 128 utility surveys or topographic surveys
    • Linked GIS databases
    CCTV Drain Survey

    Services detectable by a CCTV Drain Survey

    Leicester’s Measured Survey provides comprehensive and reliable CCTV drain survey services that capture a range of crucial data for planning urgent pipe repairs as well as supporting a PPM programme. Our specialised drainage surveys guarantee precise and accurate data, including:

    • Map of drainage system
    • Pipe lengths
    • Pipe locations
    • Location of pipe defects
    • Flow directions and flow rates through pipes
    • Collapsed pipes
    • Blockages and cracks within pipes

    What do we use to conduct our CCTV Drain Surveys?

    The following are the most common techniques and equipment used by our specialist CCTV survey team:

    • CCTV Cameras: these modern cameras can operate under flowing waters and tight spaces, providing a clear visual access of the drains and other areas with limited access.
    • Access rods: the access rods are flexible, and thus used in pushing the cameras to navigate through tight turns within the drainage system under survey.
    • Sonar units: sonar units provide acoustic profiling, and help get insights into the condition of filled pipes with obstructed access.
    CCTV Drain Survey & CCTV Inspections

    CCTV Survey FAQ

    A CCTV drainage survey is an inspection of drains and/or sewers using a remote-controlled camera to find out the root cause of a drainage problem.
    The cost of a CCTV drain survey is determined by a site’s characteristics and limitations.
    Our team of surveyors uses CCTV survey cameras, crawlers, access rods and sonar units to examine the condition of a drainage system.
    Receive the following information from our CCTV drain surveys:

    • Location of pipe defects

    • Pipe locations

    • Pipe lengths

    • Flow directions and flow rates through pipes

    • Map of drainage system

    A CCTV drainage survey enables remote gathering of data, investigation of blockages, poor flow, drains, and any pollution problems that may occur in a drainage system.

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    johnny Johnny
    johnny Johnny
    Our Interior Design Studio have used Leicester measured survey twice, and they do not disappoint! Not only the team was very professional and friendly on site, we were also extremely pleased by the 3D model and the speed of delivery. On both occasions, we were very impressed and will continue working with them in the future!