Large Scale Survey

Large Scale Scanning Service in Leicester

Leicester Measured Survey uses the latest and high-quality 3D Laser scanning equipment, including portable 3D Laser scanners. We achieve a large scale scanning service through mobile laser scanning and complete a thorough survey for the interior or exterior of your site or building.

Successful Scanning

Our portable laser scanner ranges from 100m and has the ability to manage your workflow through the registration of multiple scans and data manipulation. Capture 3D Point cloud data fast and swiftly, while still maintaining the accuracy of a measured survey service.

Receive Plans

We will produce your as-built 2D plans or 3D BIM Models with the data of a large scale laser scanning service. We provide our clients and professionals with prestige mapping and detailed plans, including all measurements, features and angles.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

johnny Johnny
johnny Johnny
Our Interior Design Studio have used Leicester measured survey twice, and they do not disappoint! Not only the team was very professional and friendly on site, we were also extremely pleased by the 3D model and the speed of delivery. On both occasions, we were very impressed and will continue working with them in the future!

Impeccable Result

We guarantee immaculate precision and precise measurements when producing your deliverables through large scale laser scanning surveys.

Effective Solutions

Find a time-effective solution to your scanning and surveying through this service. Save the cost and time, while still receiving high-quality results.

Reputable Equipment

Our 3d mobile laser scanner is reliable, well-know and trustworthy when delivering and completing your request.

Completing Large Scale Scanning

Contact us to explain your project and enquiry. Our friendly team will provide you with the best solutions to complete your request.