Measured Survey & 3D LOD3 model in Leicester

Location: Old Pizza Hut Express, Fosse Park Avenue, Leicester


  • Internal 3D Revit model LOD300

Project description

The client required the internal and external measured building survey to produce the 3D Revit model in LOD3 for the retail building. The client had an existing topographical survey and elevations of the building and required a 3D visualisation of the internal structure. Our surveyors used 3D laser scanners to complete the measured survey of the single-story building, approx. 150-200 sqm.

Why use a scan to BIM service?

Our scan to BIM services allows clients and professionals to access a single 3D model which replicates the existing structure of the building. A measured building survey is conducted to collect accurate and enough information in the form of point cloud data.

Our expert technicians import point cloud data into Revit software to build a 3D model in the required format and level of detail. BIM models will allow you to collaborate and coordinate in the planning of the building, including:
  • Construction: Evaluating ongoing work and determining any alterations of discrepancies from the original design.
  • Design: Capturing measurements and analysing the conditions of the structure to work efficiently.
  • Facility management: Allow the understanding of the complete functionality of the building and the improvement of building performance.

Different types of 3D models

With access to high-standard 3D laser scanning and other surveying technology, Leicester Measured Survey will deliver your required 3D models in different formats efficiently and accurately. Our measured surveyors have the knowledge and expertise to scan building and site projects of any complexity and scale. Ensuring sufficient data is collected to produce your detailed deliverable with the required level of detail.

Our most desired 3D model is our scan to BIM service; however, we are able to produce the following 3D modelling to your specified buildign project:
  • Revit model
  • CAD model
  • Mesh model
  • MEP model

Contact our measured building survey company today and finalise your building project through reliable 3D laser scanning and measured survey services. Our professional team in Leicester are here to assist, starting with a free quote!